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Dental Guards and Appliances in Thunder Bay

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Dental Guards and Appliances

Two of the most common causes of tooth damage include sports-related injury and bruxism (grinding). To help protect your teeth from injuries, we recommend receiving a custom mouth guard! At Current River Family Dental, we offer various guards and appliances that will protect your teeth from temporomandibular disorder (TMD) and sports-related injuries.

Night Guards

Teeth grinding or ‘bruxism’ is a common way patients injure their teeth and jaws when sleeping. The long-term effects include problems with the joints in your jaw and tooth damage. Your dentist will create a customized nightguard that will securely fit your teeth and prevent your teeth from grinding at night.

dental guards and appliances in thunder bay
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Sports Mouth Guards

Everyone knows people in Thunder Bay love to play sports! If you participate in contact sports, you must receive a sports mouth guard to act as a cushion between your teeth, protecting them from an impact with an object or person. A custom-made sports mouth guard will fit more securely, and will not move around in your mouth, providing better protection when playing sports.