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Root Canal Therapy in Thunder Bay

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Root Canal Therapy Near You

Teeth are composed of several layers, which includes a soft pulp that contains blood vessels and nerves. The necessary nutrients that the pulp and the nerves provide your tooth needs extend into the root. When the root begins to die, the whole tooth can end up dying since your tooth is not receiving the nutrients it needs. The root of your tooth can die due to infection or impact. Root canal therapy is used to prevent your tooth from dying and preserve your natural tooth by avoiding extractions.

Signs That You May Need Root Canal Therapy

Sometimes there are no noticeable signs or symptoms of a dying or damaged tooth; however, the following are common symptoms that most people experience:

  • Severe toothaches
  • Darkened tooth
  • Excruciating pain from the affected area
  • Small lump or bump by the painful area
  • Tooth sensitivity

To determine if root canal therapy is the right procedure for you, your dentist will examine your teeth using an X-ray to determine the cause of your symptoms. Once your dentist has confirmed that you are the right candidate to receive root canal therapy in Thunder Bay, they will prepare you for the procedure. This procedure moves reasonably quickly since the goal is to save and restore your tooth.

root canal therapy in thunder bay